Pan-O-Gold Baking Company

Manufacturer and supplier of bread products.

Category:   Food & Beverages
Brad Bolin

501 University Dr N
Fargo, ND 58102-4341

Phone Number: (701) 235-5595
Toll Free Number: 18007268053

Fax Number: (701) 241-7912


What started in 1911 as the Beede Baking Company in Pipestone, Minnesota has grown into the Pan-O-Gold Baking Company we know today. Sold from the Beede family to the Alton family in the 1940s, we became Pan-O-Gold Baking Company — the bakers of “little pans of gold."

Throughout the years, we’ve had much growth through expansion and bakery acquisitions, including Lakeland Bakery in St. Cloud, Minnesota, which is now home to our company headquarters.

Member Since: 08/01/1994

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Products Sold At:

Cash Wise Foods (Bismarck - South)
Cash Wise Foods (Fargo)
Cash Wise Foods (Tioga)
Cash Wise Foods (Watford City)
Cash Wise Foods (West Fargo)
Cash Wise Foods (Williston)
Hugo's (Grafton)
Hugo's (Grand Forks - 32nd Ave)
Hugo's (Grand Forks - Washington)
Hugo's (Jamestown)
Leevers Super Valu Foods
Leevers Super Valu Foods - Valley City
Marketplace Foods (Arrowhead)
Marketplace Foods (Main Store)
Marketplace Foods (North Hill)
Northport Hornbacher's
Cash Wise Foods (Minot)
Dan's Supermarket (East Bismarck)
Dan's Supermarket (Mandan)
Dan's Supermarket (North Bismarck)
Dan's Supermarket (South Bismarck)
Dan's Supermarket (West Bismarck)
Family Fare Supermarket
Family Fare Supermarket (E 1st St.)
Family Fare Supermarket (Roughrider Blvd)
Jim's Super Valu
Krause's SuperValu (Garrison)
Krause's SuperValu (Hazen)
Krause's SuperValu (Washburn)
L & M Meats
Schatz Crossroads Truck Stop
Village West Hornbacher's
Cash Wise Foods (Bismarck - North)
Cash Wise Foods (Jamestown)
Garrison Super Valu / Krauses
Country Market
Costco - West Fargo
Bronson’s Marketplace
Southgate Hornbacher's
Miller's Fresh Foods (Hillsboro)
Miller's Fresh Foods (Larimore)
Miller's Fresh Foods (Mayville)
Miller's Fresh Foods (New Rockford)