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- A -
Alicia Underlee Nelson Consulting

Before North Dakota obtained statehood and entered the Union as a dry state, the region's commercial beer industry thrived. A lengthy era of temperance forced locals to find clever ways to get a beer, such as crossing the Montana and Minnesota borders for a pint, smuggling beer over the rails and brewing at home.
After Prohibition, the state's farmers became national leaders in malting barley production, serving the biggest brewers in the world. However, local breweries struggled until 1995, when the first wave of brewpubs arrived on the scene. A craft brewing renaissance this century led to an explosion of more than a dozen craft breweries and brewpubs in less than a decade.
Alicia Underlee Nelson recounts North Dakota's journey from a dry state to a booming craft beer hub.

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- B -
I write children's books. My first book titled "Hopper" is about two brothers who catch a frog that takes them on a wild adventure. Even their dog, Old Bear, gets in on the action!

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Marlene Norris has a master’s degree in education with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree from the University of North Dakota.  In addition to her years of professional teaching, she has given 73 professional speeches to high school English classes within a four-state area about various kinds of writing.  Marlene enjoys bicycling and lives with her husband, Roger, in Wilton, North Dakota.

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Brave Crow Comics self-publishes graphic novels on historical figures. Such as my new book on Abraham Lincoln

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- C -

Cheezytoons are the most remarkable cartoon cheese characters who promote the healthy benefits of cheeses from all over the world through the eyes of our "cheezy people" with unique whimsical fun! Cheezytoons presents our first storybook in the series, Step Into A World Of Cheese - Mornings at the Market by Wzy & Bnz. This is a children's picture book. Summary: Mornings at the Market are very busy as Cheezytoons prepare for the day!

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- D -
Debra Nelson is author of the book A Cabin by the Lake. This non-fiction, nature book has numerous wildlife photographs along with animal facts about ND wildlife and a delightful story about a grandmother and her grandchildren woven in. Young and old have enjoyed reading about the experience of cabin life and nature. Debra also has a collection of wildlife photographs that have been frames and placed on canvas for sale. Please contact her for more information.

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Discovery Express Kids, LLC

Discovery Express Kids offers books and games for hands-on science and math education. Our STEM-based activities and fun, educational games work as well at home as they do in the classroom. Contact us to schedule an after school or summer program, or visit our website for product information.

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Dr. Mary’s Books' motto is “Building A Better Society,” which she tries to accomplish in the books she writes. Her children’s picture books build character, emphasize value and promote work ethics. Titles are First Day of School, Snowstorm, and Bonbon’s Special Christmas. Her juvenile fiction series are adventure and mystery stories that teach young readers about responsibility, decision making and friendship. Titles are What Happened to the Deer, Who Jinxed the C & G Ranch and Did Bigfoot Steal Christmas. The adult fiction novels are thought-provoking tales that entertain. Titles are Otis, Geezettes Book I and Geezettes Book II. The adult non-fiction novels take a common sense approach to caregiving of elders and survival in tough times. Titles are Common Sense Caregiving and Humble & Homemade: Survival in Tough Times. Her newest book which came out in May of 2016 is titled Dontcha Know. This is a cozy mystery with humor. Books are available in book stores around the country.

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- E -
We write, publish, and sell biographical books under the titles "Did You Know That" and "Fascinating North Dakotans" about fascinating people who have lived in North Dakota.

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- F -
We strive to build upon our reputation as the best-read ag publication in the Upper Midwest by providing pertinent news and advertising sources. Our role is to inform while serving as a conduit between our valued advertising customers and our loyal readers. Customer satisfaction is our main focus in our ongoing quest to exceed our goals for market, professional and personal growth. Farm & Ranch Guide is distributed free to over 31,000 qualified farmers and ranchers in North Dakota and Minnesota with additional paid subscribers in South Dakota and Montana. Published every other Friday, Farm & Ranch Guide is direct mailed as a 2nd class "requested" periodical.

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- G -
Gentle Winds Promotions was formed to promote local music and art across the prairie. 

- H -
Heather Earles is the author of the book "To Know Her Calling." and also a new series that will come out starting in 2018. She also makes handmade cross necklaces with her son.

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The mission of HigherSpeaking is to give people hope in what is to come after this life, strength to never give up, and faith in what they cannot see.

- J -
James Karn

Books by author James Karn take children back to a simpler time when tractors were beginning to replace horses on a Midwestern farm.

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- K -

Keith Norman Books provides columns and commentary based on the history of the region to print publications. The company also self-publishes fiction and nonfiction books. All of the works of fiction are either set in North Dakota or have strong ties to the state. The nonfiction explores topics involving the history of the American West with a particular emphasis on North Dakota's past.

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- L -

Lela Peterson's two books are as follows:

Selma: Swedish Fortitude on the North Dakota Frontier
Tells the story of her mother's family coming to America. Her grandfather, Johan, came to ND to homestead. His wife, Selma, came the following year. She brought two sons and one daughter, Lela's mother. Selma left behind her little baby and oldest eight-year-old daughter. Little did they know they would never, ever return.

Pencil Shavings: Growing Up in a One-Room Country School on the North Dakota Prairie
This story tells of Lela's experiences while attending a country school for eight years. "I raised the container over his head and watched the pencil shavings fall." For doing this little shenanigan Lela was locked in the toilet for a whole day. This book contains touching, sad, hilarious and delightful stories.

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Sue is a motivational speaker and author who has a gift of encouraging others with her "tell it like it is" approach. Her honest and forright communciation style is laced with care and love to see others become the people they were meant to be. She shares from her heart on how she broke free of years of substance abuse in person and through her book titled "Carried by Faith: From Substance Sbuse to a Life Filled with Miracles."

Highly sought after speaker for conferences as a main speaker and break out sessions at women's groups, youth events and recovery groups.

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- M -
Mattie Richardson is a local author who lives in Sheldon, ND, and started writing when she was 13-years-old. All five of her published books are carefully crafted historical fiction novels that aim to entertain while teaching readers about American history. She is also a wonderful speaker who presents at schools and events.

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The author writes books to encourage children to be mindful of their character, choices, and actions. As citizens, young or old, we build a better community by practicing values like self-discipline, perseverance, and kindness.

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Talia Johnson's self-published book, Misconstrued.

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- N -

North Dakota Horizons magazine is published quarterly by Clearwater Communications and showcases North Dakota’s people, places and events in colorful pictures and stories. The annual North Dakota Horizons scenic calendar presents stunning photography from across the state. It was founded in 1971 by the Greater North Dakota Association, now the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce.

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NDSU Libraries' Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC) offers more than 600 items for purchase, including more than 60 cookbooks. Items consist of a variety of cultural books, including North Dakota and South Dakota books, cookbooks, maps, CD’s and DVD’s relating to the Germans from Russia.

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New Creations began as a means of showcasing our published children's book "Katrina: Growing Wings."  We've also branched out to design hand crafted boutique style clothing for your cherished children to creat those little moments that become big memories.

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- P -
Former North Dakota resident Tom Newgard has authored "Patterns on the Praire," a book about North Dakota churches printed in Gwinner, ND.

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Paulette Bullinger, Author

“Nothing Hidden” is a historical fiction mystery novel set in 1912. It is a story of a young woman who dies following a community dance in a small North Dakota town; a colorful account of early life in North Dakota.

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- R -
Recipes of North Dakota LLC

Recipes of North Dakota is a community-inspired cookbook that offers a variety of dishes sure to please. Many of the recipes are faily favorites from members of my page on Facebook, many are personal recipes of mine and my mom's. We have 2 volumes available for purchase. 

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We sell aprons, quilted table runners and squares, and two books: The Gift and Light out of Darkness

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- S -

Sandy Blanes, author, is back in North Dakota after over 40 years residing stateside and abroad. Ms. Blanes writing expresses her state, national and international experiences first in her "Missile Kid" series and in her first picture book, "Where's MY Grandma?"

Book 1 "Missile Kids on the Road Again”, of this historical fiction series, depicts the life of the Boeing Missileer families who migrated throughout the Midwest to install the defense system. “Where’s MY Grandma?” is a family story from Brazil that focuses on how one little girl gets her very own grandmother.

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Penny Wolf has written four children’s books: “A Cow Named Sue,” “Bea's Almost Bad Day,” “Mo” and rhyming picture books. "Othello is Missing" is a chapter book for 9-12-year-olds. She also handcrafts many gift items including quilts.

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- T -
Taylor Wyman Inc.

Selling the book "You don't need 10" by North Dakota native Katie Taylor Wyman. The book is about Paisley Wyman and the struggles she has endured being born limb different.

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The Jar Bar offers wide variety of canned goods. Using creativity and family recipes, their products include, jams, jellies, salsa, pickled items, sauces, brandied cherries and much, much more. 

You can find The Jar Bar's products at Dakota Nuts and Candy, the local farmers markets and vendor shows across the state. 

The Jar Bar is also excited to present they will be selling a children's book this year, "Toaster the Elephant Tortoise." The book is written and self published by The Jar Bar owner Kristine Kostuck. 


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Tim Leer’s Weirdles partnership was formed to market the comic strip, “Weirdles.” Each comic takes a common expression, feeds it through the "weirdles" filter, and creates something fun (and sometimes a little crazy). The meaning of the words is now different, and the drawing completes the transformation.

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