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  • - A -
  • Agricultural Products Utilization Commission

    The Agricultural Products Utilization Commission creates new wealth and employment opportunities through the development of new and expanded uses of North Dakota agricultural products.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • Artspace Suite 1 Gallery

    Artspace Suite 1 Gallery brings together a collective of local artists dedicated to creating professional art and presenting art to the community. Located in the Artspace building on the corner of Central and Main, the cooperative gallery has adopted the mission “to create great art for the community and a great community for artists.” For more information contact gallery personnel at artspacesuite1gallery@gmail.com, or by calling the gallery at 701-833-8998.

    Artspace Suite 1 Gallery
    3 Main Street South, Suite 1
    Minot, North Dakota

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit

  • - B -
  • The Bank of North Dakota’s mission is to promote agriculture, commerce and industry in North Dakota. It’s the only state-owned bank in the nation.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit

  • - H -
  • The mission of HigherSpeaking is to give people hope in what is to come after this life, strength to never give up, and faith in what they cannot see.

  • - L -
  • Lake Agassiz Development Group

    Lake Agassiz Development Group is a non-profit economic development organization. It provides access to capital to small business owners throughout North Dakota, utilizing loan programs sponsored by the SBA and USDA. The loan programs are designed for small businesses unable to obtain traditional financing.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit

  • - N -
  • The North Dakota Beef Commission conducts and funds beef promotion, research and education programs at the state, national and international level. Their mission is to increase consumer awareness of beef, consumer demand for beef, and profitability for the beef industry. These programs are funded by beef producers through a national and state beef checkoff assessment.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • North Dakota Corn Growers Association

    The North Dakota Corn Growers Association is a farmer-led membership group focusing on farm policy, regulatory issues, leadership development and grower education that enhances the future of North Dakota corn producers.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • North Dakota Council on the Arts

    The North Dakota Council on the Arts (NDCA) is a state service and program agency that was established to develop, promote and support the arts in North Dakota. Currently, NDCA has traditional folk art publications and CD’s as well as unique, one-of-a-kind special edition ornaments available for purchase.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • North Dakota Farmers Union

    North Dakota Farmers Union (NDFU) is a grassroots organization committed to the advancement of family farm and ranch agriculture and quality of life for people everywhere through member advocacy, educational programs for adults and youth, cooperative initiatives, and insurance services. As the state’s largest farm organization with more than 47,500 member families, NDFU works through the political process to develop economic and social policies that benefit farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • North Dakota Grain Dealers Association

    NDGDA is a statewide trade association representing the North Dakota grain, feed, and grain-processing industries. Association activities are focused on providing services and advocating policies that further the interests of the commercial grain industry in North Dakota.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • North Dakota Soybean Council

    The North Dakota Soybean Council administers a commodity check-off of soybeans that promotes, educates and conducts research for soybean producers.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • The North Dakota Turkey Federation’s objective is to promote turkey and turkey products.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • The North Dakota Wheat Commission promotes the use of North Dakota wheat by creating and maintaining market opportunities through efforts including trade servicing, education and other customer service activities. The commission also works to reinforce consumption of grain foods, fund wheat research and influence import and export policies.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit
  • Northern Plains Potato Growers Association

    Northern Plains Potato Growers Association (NPPGA) supports the potato industry in North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota through promotion, education, market development, research, and coordination of government affairs.

    Category:   Associate/Non-Profit

  • - W -
  • We Three B's

    The three B's - Ryan, Maria and Tyler. 

    Tyler is a huge "help" in every endeavor Mom and Dad attempt. He is a great photo subject and a huge character. He has helped mom learn lots of new things about her camera's action settings. 

    Ryan does wood and metal work, and helps Maria put the ideas in her head into existence. He is the real brains in the operation, as well as the brawn.

    Maria is the photographer and the plan man. All the ideas and the "we could do thats" come from her, though Ryan and Tyler keep her grounded, and focused on the project at hand.

    We Three B's offer:
    Reclaimed wood work
    Metal craft and jewelry making
    Crafts of ALL kinds!