Dakota Don's Artisan Waffles

Dakota Don’s Artisan Waffle mix creates a remarkably better waffle.  

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Donald Miller

2204 2nd Ave. N.
Grand Forks, ND 58203

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A Dakota Don’s Artisan Waffle is a “remarkably better waffle”.

I have been making my well received waffles for over 25 years. Friends and family have consistently encouraged me to share the recipe and start a restaurant. I was very interested in sharing the recipe but not in running a restaurant. MY easy to make waffle mix yields a gourmet product you can make at home for an enhanced food experience or special event.

People want excellence but are busy and don’t have the time for homemade cooking and baking. A batch of Dakota Don’s Artisan Waffles requires less than five minutes and a single mixing bowl. DDAW mix is a superior alternative to the typical cardboard-tasting waffle from available mixes. There hasn’t been a demand for a different waffle because there hasn’t been a credible alternative. DDAW mix is blended specifically for the waffle iron and achieves a significantly better taste and texture. High praise has convinced me that my waffles are what you didn’t-know-you-had-always-really-wanted in a waffle.

Find Dakota Don's Artisan Waffle Mix at:

Embrace Pharmacy, 2424 32 Ave. S,  Grand Forks

O' for Heavens Cakes, Grand Cities Mall, Grand Forks


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