Cliff's Foods LLC

Cliff's foods produces a red pasta sauce with a hearty and bold flavor.  This sauce can be used in virtually any recipe in which a red sauce is needed, such as spaghetti, sausage and peppers penne, ravioli, chicken parmesan, and can even be used as a marinara sauce.  

New products introduced in 2020 include Cliff's Barbecuse Sauce and Cliff's Bloody Mary Mix.

Category:   Food & Beverages
Brad & Jamie Christianson

1523 13th Ave SE
East Grand Forks, ND 56721-3201

Phone Number: (701) 739-7002


Member Since: 10/22/2018

Cliff's Barbecue Sauce

Bringing Flavor and quality back to your dinner table with this tangy, hearty and smoky barbecue sauce. From our kitchen to your table.

Cliff's Bloody Mary Mix

A perfect blend of savory flavor with just a hint of heat.

Cliff's Pasta Sauce

Red pasta sauce with a hearty and bold flavor