Membership FAQs

  • What is Pride of Dakota?
A program of the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, Pride of Dakota supports North Dakota businesses and entrepreneurs through promotion, market access and educational opportunities.
  • Who qualifies to be a Pride of Dakota member?
Individuals and businesses that create, produce, manufacture or process products in the state of North Dakota qualify as Pride of Dakota members. Service companies that are started and headquartered in North Dakota also qualify for membership. All Pride of Dakota members must abide by the POD Membership Policies.


  • What are the benefits to being a Pride of Dakota member?
Pride of Dakota provides marketing opportunities such as the annual showcase events, education opportunities and promotion through social media channels. We also offer assistance for trade shows, grant opportunities, company listings on our website, networking and much more. Pride of Dakota members also have access to the Pride of Dakota logo for packaging and advertising purposes, and can buy point-of-purchase materials for retail settings.


  • How much is membership?
In accordance with Pride of Dakota Logo Promotion - Title 7, Article 09-01, effective July 1, 2020 membership fees will be collected annually each January.
Fees are not prorated.


$100.00, Authorization Period: January 1 – December 31.


$250.00, Authorization Period: January 1 – December 31.


  • Are members required to use the Pride of Dakota logo on their products?
No. Annual fees authorize a company to use the Pride of Dakota logo if they so choose.  Members may purchase Pride of Dakota stickers at $6.00 per 1,000 or use a digital file of the logo on their packaging.
  • I make products with logos, what rules do I need to follow?
The Pride of Dakota logo shall not be affixed or affiliated with any products containing a licensed or trademarked brand, image or phrase or the likeness of a licensed or trademarked brand, image or phrase without expressed written consent from the license or trademark holder of that brand, image or phrase.  These products include but are not limited to: fabric items, embroidery, vinyl and sublimation processes, glass, metal and wooden items, etc.
Examples of these brands, images or phrases include but are not limited to: Fighting Sioux, UND, Bison, NDSU and other collegiate logos, Disney, Pixar, Marvel and other cartoon characters, John Deere, Coca-Cola, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Harley Davidson, Ford, Chevy, etc.
If you are interested in making items with local schools logos, you must receive expressed written consent from each school/school board.
Proof of written consent will be required prior to showcase for any licensed items that you plan to bring to showcase.
Bringing unlicensed trademarked brands to a POD showcase or event is prohibited and companies will be asked to remove those items from their booth and display before the showcase begins.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  We are well aware that this may require some of our businesses to reinvent themselves.  We certainly are not trying to put anyone out of business, we are implementing this measure to protect you and your business.
  • Is money available for companies through Pride of Dakota?
A grant program is available to help companies offset the cost of attending out-of-state trade shows.  Learn more here.


  • How can a company become a Pride of Dakota member?
An online application form is available on the Become a Member page under the Members section. Completed applications are promptly reviewed and notification of approval or disapproval status sent in a timely manner. Directions on how to become a member are in the following attachment: POD Brochure

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