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Speaker & Author Sue L. Hamilton has written three books. She inspires and motivates others by sharing how God has impacted her life. Sue's passion comes through in her energetic speaking style and conversational way of writing.

Sue is highly sought after as a main speaker and for women's conferences, businesses and organizations, youth and recovery events.


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Susan Hamilton

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Live4One Enterprises LLC was formed in 2018 for general business purposes and specifically focusing on independent book publishing.

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Carried by Faith - Book


This is an amazing story that captures the innocence of childhood, devastation of betrayal, and the spiraling out of control from alcohol and drugs. Carried by Faith, a memoir, is an inspiring story of teenage substance abuse and how it tears a family apart. 

Find hope, honesty, and inspiration through a fatal motorcycle accident that should have taken her life, but it turned her to the God she did not understand.

Every Day Simple - Book


A follow up book to the memoir Carried by Faith for all those followers who asked, "What happened after the motorcycle accident and how did you live with God in your life?"

  • Down-to-earth tips about questions in life.  
    • Who am I?

    • Why do my feelings get hurt so easily?

    • Why do I keep doing things I don't want to do?

About creating solid habits in daily tasks so peace can permeate the chaos of this complicated world. 

​​Ultimately striving to allow God to be the Director in our every day lives so we can experience contentment and hope.

Journey of Trust - Book


It's not just getting to the destination, it's the journey of TRUSTing God and walking in faith.

The story of the Israelites journey in the desert is one that shows the need to depend on God and trusting Him in every aspect of life.

Walk through this study by reflecting on the scripture and how it applies in our current situation in our journey of life.

Speaking Services



"Full of passion with high energy," best describes motivational speaker and author Sue L. Hamilton.

Her infectious, positive attitude is in every subject she shares on from years of working in the corporate world, to personal knowledge in and around addiction, to her down to earth, honest perspective of everyday life, and her journey of faith with God

She delivers encouragement through personal stories of restoration from a dark past of teenage substance abuse to discovering hope in living a life full of miracles as a survivor of a fatal motorcycle accident. 

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