Preston C. VanLoon, Author and Dog Trainer

Dr. Preston C. VanLoon has extensive experience integrating forgiveness in his work as a college professor, chaplain, and mental health counselor.

He is an international speaker and the author of five books, The Path to Forgiveness, The Path to Forgiveness Study Guide, Advice from a Therapy Dog, and two children's books - Rocky Becomes a Therapy Dog and Rocky Goes to School.


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Preston VanLoon

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Advice from a Therapy Dog

The Path to Forgiveness (Blue Mountain Arts, 2018)

Forgiving is difficult. So is carrying the weight of undeserved hurt and pain. The Path to Forgiveness is for those who are struggling with an unjust painful experience and in need of healing and hope in their life.
When we are hurt by another it affects our emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Forgiveness enables us to transform our negative energy and to use it positively to restore peace and meaning to our life again. Making the decision to forgive and practice forgiveness strategies offers the hope of a better future.


The Path to Forgiveness Study Guide (WestBow Press, 2019)

You can use this study guide, along with The Path to Forgiveness, at a pace that is comfortable to you that will help you to move forward from the unjust suffering that you have experienced. The study guide can also be used in small groups to lead you and others down the path to forgiveness over a forty-day or eight-week period as you seek to restore meaning and direction to your life.