Whales Pepper Sauce

Small batch hot sauce made in Dickinson, ND.

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Christopher Hale

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Autumn Heat Hot Sauce

Kind of a spicy pumpkin pie sorta taste.

Try it on:
Ice cream, turkey, mixes great with cream cheese, cheesecake, and of course ...pumpkin pie.

Bearded Whale Hot Sauce

A blend of tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots cilantro, garlic, habanero & ghost peppers.

Try it on:
Lasagna, spaghetti, or as marinade when pickling.

Betta Fish Hot Sauce

Just like the Betta this sauce is aggressive. Lots of heat, lots of flavor. Northwestern pears mixed with goji berries, ginger & Carolina Reapers.

Just Jalapeno Hot Sauce

A simple but delicious mix of jalapenos, onions, garlic & seasoned salt.

Goes great on burritos, tacos, beans, nachos.

Life is Peachy Hot Sauce

Taste sweet north western peaches followed by the fruity heat of the ghost pepper.

Try it on:
Pizza, ice cream, peanut butter & banana sandwiches (seriously), cheesecake.

Pineapplebanero Hot Sauce

Pineapples mixed with habanero & jalapeno peppers make for a delicious sweet heat combo.

Try it on:
Eggs, chicken, pizza, ice cream or tossed over a pile of wings.

Spicy Canadian Hot Sauce

A very mild blend of peppers & maple syrup for a unique & tasty pepper sauce.

Try it on:
Pancakes & waffles, rice & beans, fresh veggies, or as a sandwich spread

The Middle Child Hot Sauce

Red habanero peppers, carrots, bell peppers, oranges & garlic blended for an everyday table sauce.

Try it on:
Chicken & rice, spaghetti, & lasagna.