Schirado Inventions, LLC

I have been farming and ranching all of my life.  I've always tried to come up with ideas to make life easier. 

One Handed Grease Gun System
Remote Controlled Gate
Remote Controlled Water Hydrant
Net Wrap Cutter
​Magnetic Clip

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Richard Schirado

6275 31st St
Glen Ullin, ND 58631-9786

Phone Number: (701) 471-5370



Schirado Inventions LLC is a small business located in rural Morton County NE of Glen Ullin. A LLC was formed in December of 2014, at that time we had several products and ideas designed to help “make life easier.” And wanted to share them with the public.

Member Since: 01/30/2019

MailBox Clip and More

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This handy clip has a very strong magnet

This product has 100s of uses!


Net Wrap Cutter

Remove net wrap from bale without leaving tractor by running the bale across the blade.  Set bale down and grab the net wrap with grab fork and teeth on loader.

Remote control gate

Solar powered, our remote control gates can be installed anywhere! 

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Remote control system for frost free and yard hydrant

Our solar powered remote controlled water hydrant allows producers to water livestock in freezing weather and have zero energy costs.  In summer, water your garden right from your cell phone!

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