Chef Jeff's Salsa

Chef Jeff's Salsa product line currently offers mild & hot habanera salsa. 

Jeff takes great pride in using the freshest ingredients to provide a unique flavor profile for his salsa.  Each jar of salsa includes 8 ingredients that will be sure to appeal to your flavor palette.  

Category:   Food & Beverages
Jeffrey Fremming

124 Marietta Dr
Bismarck, ND 58504

Phone Number: (701) 202-3359

Cell Phone Number: (701) 202-3359



Chef Jeffs Salsa started in 2019.  I starting bringing salsa to church events and bbq's, and was such a hit, I was urged to start selling it!  Now we have grown to 40 grocery and convienence stores statewide.  We take pride in customer satisfaction.


Member Since: 11/12/2019