Retail Store Promotion Program

The Retail Store Promotion Program offers free benefits to North Dakota retail stores that carry Pride of Dakota products. Retailers who participate in the program have a profile page on the Pride of Dakota website and are linked to each profile page of the companies whose products they carry. Retail stores also have access to Pride of Dakota point-of-purchase materials and can apply for the Retail Store Grant to help fund events featuring North Dakota products.

Program Objective:

The objective of the Pride of Dakota Retail Store Promotion Program is to provide North Dakota retailers that carry Pride of Dakota products with assistance to be used in promotion of those products.

Please note that the application does not imply or guarantee reimbursement/funds assistance from Pride of Dakota or the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. Application approvals and reimbursement amounts are subject to funding availability and qualification rules.

Program Guidelines:

The following are the guidelines for the Pride of Dakota Retail Store Promotion Program.

Application Procedures:

  1. Completed application must be received at least one month prior to promotion date. Company may submit completed application via email, fax or mail. Applications received after promotion has taken place will not be considered.
  2. Marketing staff will review applications and notify applicant if they qualify for the program.
  3. If awarded, applicant must sign and return the Pride of Dakota Retail Store Promotion Program Notice of Grant Award to Pride of Dakota.
Pride of Dakota is pleased to offer up to $500 to retail stores that carry Pride of Dakota products to be used in promotion of those products. Grants may be awarded for less than the full amount requested based upon the discretion of the marketing division and the funds available. The maximum amount a retail store may qualify for is $500 per fiscal year (July 1- June 30).

Grant money can be used toward advertising Pride of Dakota products, in-store promotions or in-store demonstrations of Pride of Dakota products. The goal of this program is to increase awareness and sales of Pride of Dakota products.

Grant recipients will be asked to sign a Notice of Grant Award upon grant approval and will receive the grant award after the promotion has taken place. Recipients will need to submit proof of the promotion and a detailed invoice to receive the grant award. Proof should include: copies of advertisements, pictures of the event, flyers or posters – all of which must mention Pride of Dakota or contain the Pride of Dakota logo.

Apply today!

For more information, please contact the Pride of Dakota Specialist at (701) 328-2307 or pod@nd.gov 

Send completed application to:
Email: pod@nd.gov
Fax:   (701) 328-4567
Mail:  Pride of Dakota
          c/o: ND Department of Agriculture
          600 E Boulevard Ave Dept. 602
          Bismarck ND 58505