3 Farm Daughters, LLLP

Three Farm Daughters was founded by three daughters and their farmer dad to bring you better for you pantry staples. By early 2019, the three daughters had all come back from the “big cities” in which they schooled and rejoined their family farm.  Upon working for the farm, and growing families of their own, the dream of creating more nutritious pantry staples came to be. In December of 2019, Three Farm Daughters LLLP was filed with the ND Secretary of State listing Annie (Sproule) Gorder, Mollie (Sproule) Ficocello, Grace (Sproule) Lunski, and Paul Sproule as equal partners.


Three Farm Daughters launched their first products, pasta & flour, available for sale in November of 2020 on their ecommerce platform, www.threefarmdaughters.com. Within the following months, Three Farm Daughters products were available in over 35 regional grocers and boutique retailers.


Today, Three Farm Daughters is continuing to provide their consumers with elevated everyday pantry staples, while doing development work to expand their product lines.

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Annalien Mouton

2375 Bacon Road
Grand Forks, ND 58203

Phone Number: (701) 780-9616

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Nov 2019 - Sitting in our family farm conference room, the idea sparks

Dec 2019 - We file our new company with the ND Sec of State

Feb 2020 - Start of formulation of products and the brand

Nov 2020 - Our official first products are available for sale on Ecomm

Dec 2020 - Our first official products are available for sale in Retail

Jan 2021 - Products available in 38 different retailers within 2 months

Feb 2021 - Rebranding begin

March 2021 - R&D on new products and shapes

Spring/Summer/Fall 2021 - Focus on Relaunch and securing new retailer

January 2022 - Custom made our own pasta dies

February 2022 - Landed Whole Foods Midwest

July 2022 - Launched Rebrand and Whole Foods

Today - growing and growing!!!


Member Since: 05/16/2023


Drumroll please.. Introducing our ultimate hot dish pasta (or casserole, depending on your stance in the Great Midwest Debate).

Our Three Farm Daughters’ Cavatappi is described none other than sturdy and delicious. Holding its ground with the heaviest of sauces and toppings, our Cavatappi quickly rises to the top of your must have list! And did we mention its nutrition? Enjoy our Cavatappi knowing it naturally has 9g of Fiber & 8g of Protein per serving and made from only 2 simple ingredients.


The Three Farm Daughters’ elbows is the people pleasers of our pasta collection. No one is ever too old to enjoy a classic bowl of elbow macaroni, while also crafted to be small enough for the littlest food critics.

With strong openings at the end of each rainbow, our Elbows trap the perfect amount of sauce inside. And did we mention they are HIGH FIBER? Our Elbows naturally have 9g of Fiber & 8g of Protein per serving and are made from just 2 simple ingredients. Leftovers just got easier.


This All-American favorite shape will surely live up to your penne dreams.

Our Three Farm Daughters’ Penne is crafted to have the perfect sized opening to trap sauce on the inside and the perfect length with bold ridges on the outside to.. you guessed it, HOLD MORE SAUCE! Our Penne naturally has 9g of Fiber & 8g of Protein per serving and is made from only 2 simple ingredients. Do yourself a favor and grab an extra box now, because you’ll be going back for seconds later!


The perfect shape for all around chef versatility! Our Three Farm Daughters’ Rotini is great paired with your favorite sauce, added into soups, in cold salads and more. Get your creative juices flowing because the sky is the limit with this shape!

We created our Rotini to have tall enough sides in the “swirl” to hold whatever topping you put on it. Enjoy our Rotini knowing that it naturally has 9g of Fiber & 8g of Protein per serving and made from only 2 simple ingredients. Bon appetit!