Stromme Honey

Bringing you products from the hive since 1979. We proudly produce pure ND honey, bee pollen, and comb honey. We then take the wax from our hives and make 100% beeswax candles and body butter.

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Nick and Lisa Stromme

13961 17th St NE
Hatton, ND 58240

Phone Number: (701) 261-3636



Brad, "The Dude", Stromme started Stromme Honey in the 70's and has since retired. Nick, his son, is now the Chief Beekeeper, owner, and operator of Stromme Honey along with his wife, Lisa, and three daughters: Nola, Zena, and Kate.

Member Since: 08/19/2022

100% Beeswax candles

We take the wax from our very own hives and make 100% beeswax candles. Beeswax candles burn longer and cleaner than their competitors, have a natural honey scent, are almost drip free, and purify the air in your home. The candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We also make seasonal candles for Christmas. "Once you go beeswax, you'll never go back!"

Bee pollen

The bee pollen is taken directly from our hives. Bee pollen can be used as a supplement to help detoxify the liver, combat allergies, and fight inflammation.

Pure ND Honey

We produce honey in a variety of sizes: 12 oz bear, 2 lbs bear, 1 lbs jar, 2 lbs jar, 5 lbs jug, gallon buckets, and by the barrel. Other sizes available upon request

The Beekeeper’s Wife All Natural Lip Balm

Beeswax lip balm moisturizes, nourishes, protects, and enhances your lips the way Mother Nature intended. Add in a hint of peppermint and your lips will thank you!

The Beekeeper's Wife Body Butter

Our body butter provides soothing relief and moisturizing protection that is safe for use on all skin types. Gently massage into clean, dry skin. Made with beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and a variety of essential oils.