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I have a small wood shop where I make bowls, cutting boards, boxes, and a variety of pens, seam rippers and other kits that are purchased and turn a wood body for the item. I also make some cabinets and furniture pieces.

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Russell Christiansen

8739 1st St NE
Glenfield, ND 58443

Phone Number: (701) 650-1493

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I started woodworking as a hobby several years ago and now have a shop and more time to devote to this passion. The first few furniture items I made were done in my garage. I finished my wood shop in 2013,

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Cutting boards
Cutting boards are made from a variety of hardwoods and are sealed with 3 coats of salad bowl finish so they are food-safe. Liquids and juices will not penetrate into the wood. Scratches and knife marks will show up but they will not damage the integrity of the board. I cut a groove around one face of the board to help contain juices. Both surfaces of the boards can be used.

Grain clock
This clock features 12 grains that are grown close to where I live near Glenfield, ND. The clock face is made from oak and the back is hardwood. The grains are behind plexi-glass and the movement is a quartz movement powered by an AA battery. They are 12" in diameter and about 2 1/2" thick. They have a keyhole slot cut in the back for wall hanging.

Novelty pens
I make bolt action pens that function just like a bolt action rifle. The bolt slides forward and locks down to extend the ink and lifts up and slides back to retract the ink. Lever action pens extend and retract the ink by moving the lever. These pens are available with a variety of wood turnings or with deer antler turnings. I have pens with motorcycle choppers etched on them, dragon pens, princess pens with 40 Swarovski crystals on them, just to mention a few.

Seam rippers
These sharp, high quality seam rippers come in two sizes. Both store inside the tube for safety. I make them with a variety of colorful acrylic and some wood coverings.

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