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JML Soaps is dedicated to making homemade soap with homegrown ingredients. We make soaps, candles, lotion, shaving soap, and pet soap and are always expanding into other goat milk based products. We dabble in other home decor products made from the rustic antiques found around our century farm. 

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Lori Miller

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Goat Milk Soap

Our goat milk soap is made from goat milk from our farm, lard or tallow that is raised in North Dakota and rendered at home. Our soaps are made bubbly and creamy using North Dakota grown hemp seed oil and honey. There are soaps made with both fragrance oils and natural essential oils. Some soaps have additives such as egg shells for scrub, flowers, cucumbers, pumpkins, and other plant products grown in our garden. 

Horse Shoe Art

We have a variety of horse shoe welded products! Contact us if you are interested in some artwork for your house and we can get you a quote

Lotion Bar

Our lotion bars are made from tallow or lard grown in ND and rendered at home as well as both beeswax and hemp seed oil grown and processed in ND!

Availible Scents:

Essential oils: unscented, lavender, mint eucalyptus

Fragrance oils: tropical fruit, lilac, cowboy, vanilla


We have started a pet line of lotion as well to help protect your loved one's paws against this brutal North Dakota winter!