Frank and RaeLea Hurt, Authors (Hurtdidit LLC)

Modern fantasy novels set in rural North Dakota

Genuine Modern Fantasy set in North Dakota

Frank and RaeLea Hurt write and publish stories of modern fantasy set in present-day North Dakota.

Our flagship novels are the Ascending Mage series, which is page-burning modern fantasy with a determined heroine and magic that will grab you by the throat.

In this series, you'll discover an ancient race of wizards and changelings living in secret among humans in North Dakota.

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Frank Hurt

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Frank and RaeLea HurtAs self-styled alchemists, Frank and RaeLea Hurt have made it their life’s quest to convert black coffee and dark beer into stories of modern-day fantasy.

Sometimes they even manage to get the recipe right.

Lacking any apparent athletic ability or obvious social skills, these farm kids instead discovered whole worlds in their vast backyards and created an army of imaginary friends and foes to occupy them. As adults, not much has changed.

When they’re not writing bios about themselves in third person, Frank and RaeLea make their humble home in North Dakota, where they work full time as domestic servants to two cats. Their garden is famous among squirrels as the trendiest diner in the neighborhood.

Learn more by visiting FRhurt.com, where you can download their prequel novel for free.

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