Classy Cakes

Classy Cakes makes gourmet cake pops which begin by taking a large piece of cake and condensing it down with frosting, rolling it into a ball, attaching it to a stick, and dipping it in gourmet chocolate flavors with sprinkles or shaping it into artistic shapes and characters. We supply coffee shops, gift shops, and restaurants. We also take custom orders for special events (birthdays, bridal and baby showers, graduations, etc.). We also create gourmet dipped oreos, with a beautiful design custom made-to-order.

Category:   Food & Beverages
JoAnn Corcoran

750 Park Avenue
Pick City, ND 58545

Phone Number:701-651-3403


History: Our idea began with my 12-year-old daughter taking on a homeschooling project for home economics. She wanted to try cake pops, so she began to experiment. As we got better and more skillful at it, we decided to hand them out for reviews. It blossomed from there and we have attended many craft fairs and are beginning to have requests from coffee shops, convenience stores, and restaurants to carry our product.
Member Since: 05/09/2016

Classy Crunch
Chex cereal covered in gourmet chocolate and mixed with yumminess!

Cocoa Spoons
Gourmet chocolate on a spoon packaged with marshmallows to mix with hot milk.

Edible Cookie Dough
Cookie dough before it's baked (heat-treated flour and no egg)! Comes in many different flavors (chocolate chip, birthday cake, monster peanut butter, salted caramel)

Gourmet Cake Pops
Various flavors of cake and frosting rolled into a ball and placed on a stick, dipped in gourmet chocolates, and hand-decorated. We can also craft our cake pops into animals or various characters for celebrations.

Gourmet oreos
Oreo cookies dipped in gourmet chocolate and hand-decorated

Gourmet pretzels
Pretzel rods hand-dipped in gourmet chocolate and hand-decorated in various characters or various flavors.

Push bars and Push cakes
Various combinations of cookies, cake, and frosting layered in push-up containers for a fun-to-eat treat.