Arnold's Misfit Acres

Arnold's Misfit Acres sells BBQ rub, sauce mixes, and spice mixes for use in home cooking.

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Robyn Arnold

7461 Hwy 3 N
Willow City, ND 58384-9632

Phone Number: (701) 776-6970

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Arnold's Misfit Acres is a startup. We have made our own BBQ sauce and rubs for use by family and friends and for our previous butcher's personal use. They were well received and we have been asked to produce and sell them. We love to cook and prefer using food sources that we have grown or produced ourselves or that is produced by our neighbors. Our BBQ sauce is made from a unique blend of spices and utilizes homegrown and wild chokecherries. We have also used honey from beehives that a dear friend produced. Currently, we are partnering with another company to produce, package and label our line of spice rubs using their licensed facilities. This first run of product will hopefully be a kick-starter for our small, family-operated company.

Member Since: 06/03/2016

Arnold's Prairie Dust BBQ rub
This is our "Go to" BBQ rub. A little "DUST" of our signature spice rub, similar to Texas style rubs, works well on Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood and Vegetables. Add this to your pantry for an easy "dusting of flavor." http://arnoldsmisfitacresllc.com/

Due North Fish Batter
All successful fishermen need a go to recipe for their catch of the day. http://arnoldsmisfitacresllc.com/

Joltin' Josh's Coffee Rub
So you want to be different from the rest of the Backyard Barbecue Afficionados? Maybe looking for a Jolt of something new? Try Joltin" Josh's Coffee Rub. Be bold and adventurous and give it a try on Beef, Chicken, Pork, Salmon. http://arnoldsmisfitacresllc.com

Lil' Bird Dog BBQ Sauce
The BBQ sauce that started it all. It began on a bitterly cold and snowy winter day, when we were dreaming of shorts and bbq weather and the delicious flavors that accompany those backyard socials. Dreaming turned into doing, and next thing we knew, we had created a family favorite, and even though it was near 30 below, we were barbecuing. It hasn't stopped us since and we are excited to share it with you. http://arnoldsmisfitacresllc.com/

Mischievous Mustard
There's a little bite to it, but it's just enough to keep you coming back for more. Try our mustard. You won't be disappointed. http://arnoldsmisfitacresllc.com/

Miss Katie's BBQ Rub
If you enjoy the sweet and subtle complexity of a St. Louis style BBQ, this is the rub for you. You will enjoy the familiar flavors with a little Arnold's Misfit Acres twist to keep your guests coming back for more! http://arnoldsmisfitacresllc.com/