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At Yellow Jacket, we cold brew coffee to perfection, then we keg it and distribute it.  The process starts with carefully selecting responsibly sourced arabica coffee beans.  Then they are roasted in small batches and ground up before they are mixed with cold filtered water from the mighty Missouri River.  Then, just after the magic happens, we keg it and purge the oxygen so the coffee remains fresh.

We have tweaked the process to produce an ultra smooth, irresistiblely aromatic, full bodied coffee.  Let us change the way you think about black coffee.

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Matt Klingenstein

6200 Misty Waters Dr
Bismarck, ND 58503

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Born and raised west river, Matt Klingenstein went off to NDSU to become a Civil Engineer.  He would be a 4th generation engineer, following in the footsteps of a Mechanical, an Electrical and another Mechanical Engineers.  After completion he began his career in the energy industry.  He is currently employed at the local utility company, overseeing the integrity of vintage pipelines.

While trying to follow the rules of a KETO diet, Matt, who was regularly working out of a F-150 pickup, found it almost impossible to keep up the production without the daily intake of caffeine.  Resorting to diet soda, which was not really following the rules.  He new he needed to kick the habit and begin consuming coffee as his source of caffeine.  That’s where the problem comes in.  Matt hasn’t consumed coffee in 37 years.  Likes the smell of it, doesn’t like the bitter taste, the burnt tongue, or the patience it takes for the coffee to cool off.  He tried about every black coffee that is canned or bottled and ALL with the same terrible results. 

So, Matt began researching the techniques and process of Cold Brewing Coffee.  Then he bought a 1.5-quart cold brew coffee maker, several types of coffee beans, all roasted different, from around the world and a coffee grinder we let the experiments begin!  After about 300 lbs of coffee was ground up, he found a ratio of beans that worked well.  “Now I know why all the commercially available cold coffee I was tasting was loaded with other things… to make it palatable”.  So Matt continues to make this blend of coffee, when offered to the aunts and uncles, they all say the same thing, this reminds them of Sanka Coffee, from the 70’s.  I call this blend Original.  Then after about 4 months of making the same coffee day in and day out, he begins to experiment again.  He bought some more coffee, about 100 lbs this time and continued to play with the recipe.  The morning I tasted No. 207 straight out of the coffee maker, I knew I had just tasted the best cold brew coffee that I had ever had.  This was ultra smooth, great smelling, not bitter, no aftertaste, not too strong.  This blend would become Hazelnut.  

The next step, is to stop making cold brew coffee on a daily basis for personal consumption.  So he did what every engineer would do, scale up and began experimenting.

We are going to continue to research and develop great tasting, 0 calorie, 0 preservatives, black coffee and then we are going to share it with as many people as possible.  Tinker, Taste & Repeat.  That’s our Passion.  

Yellow Jacket Cold Brew is the fuel you need to achieve optimum performance, in the office, the gym and on the field.

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