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I am Nikki and I am the owner and only employee of Trix & Mavie. I make handcrafted bath and body products including lotions, soaps, bath salts and soaks, bath bombs, bubble bars and scoops, sugar scrubs, lip balms and gloss, and I am expanding into scented wax products, room sprays, carpet freshner, etc. I am excited to see where my very new small business goes.  

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Nicole Lang

500 Summit St
Underwood, ND 58576

Phone Number: (701) 400-8054



I started Trix & Mavie out of my home in Underwood, North Dakota the very end of 2021 on a whim. I had made some sugar scrubs for friends and family for Christmas gifts and they loved them so much I started making some bath salts and kept trying new things from there and so began Trix & Mavie. My stepdad called me Trix when I was a kid and I have a mini doxie named Maverick, which we call Mavie, hence the business name. I have been attending several vendor shows on weekends, have an Etsy shop, a Facebook shop, and sell wholesale to Boutiques in Texas, Mississippi, and Georgia so far. I am excited to continue to improve, try new products, and see where my small business goes in the future. 

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