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Sweet Prairie makes homemade artistic chocolates.I started dipping caramels in 2016, giving out samples to family and friends and have since expanded into making a variety of from scratch candies including toffee, peanut brittle, truffles, ganache filled chocolates and beautiful molded chocolates. I focus on using local ingredients when possible, such as local honey from Kloten N.D, sugar produced in N.D, local rhubarb from my own patch, herbs from farmers markets and hopefully someday chocolate made right here in ND ( Bean to bar) Sweet Prairie is centered around family, the caramel is made by my mother and my daughter designed my logo.

Sweet Prairie also offers cooking classes in various locations. I'm in the process of setting up a food truck, which will center around supporting local farmers and ranchers by utilizing their products in my menu.

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Esther Donohue

1880 100th Ave NE
Pekin, ND 58361-9600

Phone Number: (701) 262-4438

Cell Phone Number: (612) 390-0550



Esther Donohue owner of Sweet Prairie Chocolates perivously owned and operated a catering company for 10 years.  Esther's focus switched from catering to artisan chocolates and developing a food truck, that's when Sweet Pairie was born with the help of friends & family, from choosing a new  business name, her daughter designing Sweet Prairie's beautiful new logo, her mother's Caramel recipe. Family is the center of Esther's business.

Sweet Prairie's objective for this new adventure is to eventually offer Bean to bar chocolates made 99% here in N.D. Lil' Food Truck on the Sweet Prairie will be focused on supporting N.D agriculture and small farmers, by purchasing local products from N.D producers. 

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