Sonja's Old-Fashioned Delicacies

Sonja’s specializes in cookies, candies and desserts made-from-scratch, just like Grandma used to make! They use no preservatives (other than sugar!) and each batch has that homemade freshness you can’t find anywhere else. Their cookie and candy assortments are a great thank-you, holiday or just-because gift with a taste of North Dakota in each bite. Sonja’s uses real butter, fresh eggs and North Dakota flour! We also cater under The Prairie Bistro! Whether dining at our beautiful location, or at a place of your choosing, our food is prepared as if we were feeding our own discriminating family.

Category:   Food & Beverages
Sonja Stromswold

9243 38th Ave NW
Mohall, ND 58761

Phone Number:701-756-6441
Toll Free Number: 866-514-4735

Fax Number: 701-756-7119

Member Since: 01/01/2005

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