Smitten With Mittens

Smitten with Mittens is a small, entrepreneurial business nestled in the Rendezvous Region of Pembina County. It produces mittens made from recycled sweaters. The mittens are lined with fleece and adorned with cute and fashionable buttons. Leslie strives to produce a product that is unique in design and fabric content and will enhance your everyday winter wear, including Sports Mitts, Glitz Mitts, Matrimonial Mitts, and a new hit is Heritage Mitts. These mittens are made from an article of clothing of a family member that has passed away. These mittens can be worn or used as a display. Leslie and her husband, Keith, will package and ship this fine quality North Dakota product anywhere. Leslie has also expanded into "Red Heel" sock monkeys, puppies, and kitties. hooded monkey bath towels. She also creates gnomes, decorative pillows. Also available is Keith’s book “Humor on the Highway,” a collection of humorous stories from his 28-year career as a North Dakota Highway Patrol Officer. He has now written book 2 "More Humor on the Highway." If you missed book 1; book 2 contains a few of the classic stories from book 1. What is unique about this book is how Keith, as an officer, dealt with the stress and the difficult times. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was unheard of back then. You will read about his trips to Lake of the Woods for fishing with his friends and his special fishing pal and daughter, Katie. 

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Leslie Ogden

309 E 3rd Ave S
Cavalier, ND 58220-4026

Phone Number: (701) 521-0701



Smitten with Mittens became a business Christmas 2007 in the upstairs craft room of their farmhouse. Leslie began creating mittens over Christmas break. After returning to the school and asking her teaching colleagues to critique the mitts at recess time, she began to develop a great daily wear mitten. Over time the mitten's style has remained the same as a two-piece, fleece lined mitt, but Leslie has learned to make more use of the total sweater by creating a cuff from the fleece on many of the mitts. Buyers say they like the feel of the mitten because they are more form fitting with no extra bulk in the palm as the 3-4 piece mitt tend to have. With all businesses, diversification is essential. Smitten with Mittens has really enjoyed making the Original Red Heel Sock Monkey. In conjunction with the monkey, she makes hoodie bath towels, bibs, gnomes, decorative pillows, and owls. The business further expanded with the publishing of Keith's book, Humor on the Highway, which covers his 28-year career in the North Dakota State Highway Patrol.

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