Rix Mixes

Rix Mixes is a start-up company currently making two different blends of spices, regular and spicy, which are unique from others. Rix Mix can be used on all types of foods! It is great on on all meats, soups, eggs, fish, pasta, potatoes, seafood, pizza, corn, mushrooms, chili, bloody marys, etc. The list goes on and on! "9 out of 10 chicks dig it and the 10th one loves it!" The spicy blend, Rix Mix Kix, has some added peppers which make it enjoyable for those that like a little kick. In time, we have a vision of making other variations of Rix Mix spices and sauces.

Category:   Food & Beverages
Ricardo Ochoa

3632 47th St. N
Reiles Acres, ND 58102-5435

Phone Number: (701) 238-9150



I have been making the blend of spices out of my home for 10+ years just as samples for friends and family. Recently, I began bottling the mixes and partnered with a friend to add nutritional information, a barcode, upgrade the label, and licensing the business name. Now, it is time to share with everyone else who likes to cook like I do! Charcoal grilling in a blizzard is normal for me; I bring the summer year-round.

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