Peace Garden Hemp

Peace Garden Hemp sells North Dakota grown and processed hemp products.  We specialize in Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds, Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil and North Dakota based CBD oils.  We sell our products to retail stores in packaged and bulk amounts.  We currently sell retail and wholesale. 

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Lonna Brooks

717 E Main Ave
Bismarck, ND 58501-4525

Phone Number: (701) 223-1026



Peace Garden Hemp was born out of a long history with the industrial hemp plant and all of the products that can be made from it.  We became very involved in the Hemp Industry Association and noticed that the vast majority of agricultural hemp food products were being imported from other countries, including Canada as the biggest importer.  When North Dakota became part of the pilot program to start growing hemp in 2016 we knew we wanted to be involved.  We highly believe in the amazing health benefits that this plant and specifically the seeds have to offer. We want to bring our customers the highest quality hemp food products that were grown and processed in the USA in North Dakota!

Member Since: 08/23/2018

High Potency Hemp Extract and CBD products

High Potency Max CBD Products

USDA Certified Organic Hemp Hearts Grown in North Dakota
Organic Hemp Hearts Grown in North Dakota

USDA Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil Grown in North Dakota
Organic Hemp Seed Oil Grown in North Dakota