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Owl Creek Organics & Natural Products is a small business that produces and sells specialty jams, honey, flavored honey, pickles, salsa, herbs & vegetables.

Owl Creek jams are inspired by French recipes, are made with organic or wild berries and are sweetened with honey. A few newer jams I have done are "4 Red Fruits" or "Quatre Fruits Rouges" and "Fruits of the Forest" or "Fruits des Bois". Owl Creek honey is a very flavorful honey that our bees make from alfalfa, wild flowers, sweet clover and sunflowers. Owl Creek also specializes in flavored whipped and creamed honeys made with honey and dried fruit as well as other ingredients. A few different honeys that I pride ourselves in are gingerbread, caffe mocha, German chocolate and lemon poppyseed honey. I also have a large market garden that I produce and sell organic herbs and vegetables from and from the produce I grow, I also make pickles and salsa. I have been selling my products through my website, to retailers and to markets since 2015.

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Bernadette Barnaud

202 Golf Ave
McVille, ND 58254

Phone Number: (605) 569-1051

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A note from the owner: Hello! I’m Bernadette Jensen. I created Owl Creek Organics in part because eating healthy is important to me but also because I love gardening, making jams & producing honey!!! I enjoy the country way of life. The products I create are made with only the best natural and organic ingredients available. This ensures premium products that are flavorful, healthy & nutritious! Even though I started Owl Creek in 2015 with all the same integrity of using natural and organic ingredients, I still continue to learn and grow my business. I listen to my customers and try to make and sell products that they love or request to have made. My focus is on healthy products that make you feel good and give you energy to work. Thanks to my customers, I am able to keep doing what I love. Other than my bees and garden, one of my favorite things is product development. Finding that product that customers and family say, “wow, that’s good” gives me such joy. I have been selling my products through my website, to retailers and to markets since 2015.

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