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Arizona Native | North Dakota Resident | USMC Veteran | Foodie & Flavor Enthusiast | Creator of Jaydobo Adobo Seasoning Bringing the zest of the Southwest to the heart of the Midwest! Crafting the perfect blend of flavors since 2020, Jaydobo Adobo Seasoning ignites culinary adventures. Born in the land of cacti and sunsets, I've combined the vibrant tastes of Arizona with a Midwest twist. With a background in the USMC, I bring discipline and dedication to every jar of Jaydobo. Join me on this flavorful journey as we explore a diverse palette of spices, herbs, and seasonings that elevate your dishes. From grilling to sautéing, Jaydobo adds a tantalizing kick, creating an explosion of taste that leaves you craving more. Welcome to the future of flavor and awaken your taste buds with Jaydobo!

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Jayson Parsons

215 N. Elm St.
Hebron , ND 58638

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I moved to North Dakota with my wife a dog and three young sons in December of 2002. I quickly found a job as a Heavy Equipment Operator and worked in my military trade for many years. We had three more beautiful daughters in that time.

Being an Arizona native I have always had a taste for spicy food and enjoyed experimenting with different flavors in the kitchen.

One of my twin sons and I do survival challenges, where we hike out with a fishing pole, a water filter and a few other small survival items and live off the fish we catch and wild edibles for a few days every year.

I wanted to pack as much flavor as possible into a small container. I started researching different seasonings and came across an Adobo seasoning. It sounded like all the flavors I enjoyed as a kid in the Southwest all rolled into one. So I decided to mix my first batch. I added more of the seasonings I liked less of the ones I didn't, and came up with what I now call Jaydobo. Jay for my name Jayson and Dobo because it's an Adobo. 

I enjoyed Jaydobo so much I started sharing it with my friends and family. They would tell me you have to try it on this or that food and how it goes good on anything and I should start selling it. So after a couple of years making it for myself and family I decided I had something that needed to be shared with everyone.

I created Jaydobo LLC and began selling my Adobo seasoning at farmers markets and vendor shows around North Dakota in 2022.

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