Hanna Honey Farms

 Our bees are spread out around western side of Lake Sakakawea and we proudly produce pure ND wildflower and buckwheat honey. We also produce pure beeswax candles that comes 100% from our hives.

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Ioana & Thomas hanna

200 4th lane sw
Pick City, ND 58545

Phone Number: (701) 891-1161



My husband is a third generation beekeeper. We have two young children who share our love for beekeeping and love to help out with the bees, their favorite activity being filling jars :). Our bees are spread out all around the lake Sakakawea and we are producing mostly wildflower honey, such as sweet clover and alfa alfa. Our honey is raw and unprocessed and it comes in various sized containers. We also harvest buckwheat honey in certain years, a very distinct flavored honey with amazing health benefits. Our beeswax candles are made 100% from our beeswax produced by our bees. 

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Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey is well known for it's health benefits. It is higher in antioxidants that other types of honey. It is also less sweet, with an earthy aroma and incredible antibacterial properties. We produce buckwheat honey in a variety of bottled sizes as well as wholesale.