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Handled Healing is a locally owned and operated holistic healing and wellness center. We specialize in natural, and homeopathic remedies that heal and soothe both body and soul. Our product line spans from natural, hand-blended teas and elixirs to body-benefitting soaps, salves, and lotions. "We are here to help keep your life Handled" means more than you know. We do what we do for you! We are more than just a shop, we are a family who takes care of all of our family. 

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Jazmin Gensrich

3120 E Broadway Ave
Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone Number: (701) 401-8378

Fax Number: (701) 314-1777


Opened in 2019, Handled Healing is a family-oriented business that focuses on low prices for quality, hand-crafted personal care items without all the preservatives and chemicals. "We are here to keep your life Handled" means more than words can see. We make sure you are taken care of and we specialize items for you. Locally owned and operated in Bismarck, we take our work personally.

Member Since: 04/06/2021


Handled Healing has created candles not only for everyday use, but for spiritual healing as well. 

Our most popular candles are crysal charged and infused allowing the power and benefits of nature's crystals to infuse your home with their qualities.

Hand Crafted Tea

We create an assortment of teas for holistic and spiritual healing. Our Teas are blended by hand and can be special ordered for the needs of the individual.

Tarot Readings

Jazmin offers multiple styles of Tarot Readings. 

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