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Due North is recreating the way people view "gluten-free".  We have developed a seven-blend flour that looks, acts, and tastes a lot like all-purpose flour. This flour can be used for everything without the denseness, aftertaste, or crumbliness. Our blend does not include nutty flours as we want the authentic taste of whatever you are making to shine through. More often than not, our customers tell us they would not have known it was gluten-free if you didn't tell me. We sell a variety of bakery items, Due North's flour, and wine jelly (made with fruit from our backyard and my brother's).  In addition, we are now offering gluten free sheet cakes for those special occasions. 

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Kristi Hovland


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We started at the Grand Forks' 2020 Farmer's Market after unlocking the key to gluten-free with our flour blend. We wanted to see if there was a need...we received an overwhelming YES! We have continued at Grand Forks and have expanded to Mayville and Larimore Farmer's Markets. Due to the demand, we are looking at purchasing a building to continue providing our great tasting gluten-free products and flour. The key to our gluten-free bakery/cooking success... and yours... is Due North's gluten-free flour!

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