Four Families

Four Families is a new local company that sells pasta with a purpose.  It's a high fiber twisted elbow pasta or penne pasta with part of the proceeds of each sale giving back to Journey Home Animal Rescue.  This high fiber penne pasta is created with Health Sense wheat grown in the Red River Valley; it's a farm to table product and a healthier option.  

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Kristi Bowling

2655 11th Ave NE
Emerado, ND 58228-9755

Phone Number: (701) 430-1393

Cell Phone Number: (218) 791-2689



Welcome to the family - Four Families, we are family friends who came together around food and laughter.  We find joy in food, new recipes, and the attempt to eat healthy.  We are farmers. Every step of the way, from spring planting to harvest, our lives revolve around each other and the land we work on.

Our pasta products were created with the knowledge that food can be better, healthier.  Four Families was selected to grow HealthSense high fiber wheat.  The flour derived from this wheat contains naturally occurring resistant starch.  It is real (food) fiber, non GMO, and comes from the best place on earth- our farms.  We're excited to share these amazingly delicious and healthier options with you.

Giving back to our communities also is something we are passionate about.  We include our beloved pets in Four Families and with this in mind, we're proud to give part of the proceeds from Four Families pasta sales to the Journey Home Animal Rescue Grand Forks, ND.  All of our products serve a purpose-to provide a healthier food option and a monetary donation with each purchse to save lives of animals.

You are invited to the Four Families table.  Eat healthy, give generously and find joy in the journey.

Four Families Twisted Elbow Pasta and Penne Pasta is specially made with HealthSense High Fiber Wheat Flour, which delivers up to ten times the dietary fiber of traditional wheat flour.  HealthSense Flour is responsibly sourced using Non-GM identity-preserved wheat, grown by a community of farmers committed to better health through agriculture.

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