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Food First, maker of MicroBiome Bars, specializes in healthy food products, most notably those which promote good  "gut health" and which include ProBiotein, our multi-prebiotic fiber ingredient.    

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Food First was formed in 2014 to bring a unique digestive aide, ProBiotein -- a multi-prebiotic fiber source -- to the market.  ProBiotein had been used successfully for many years to improve animal health and those animal owners demanded a version of the product for their own good health.   Thus, Food First was created to refine ProBiotein production techniques for the human food marketplace.

The next step was to include ProBiotein as an ingredient in MicroBiome Bars for better gut health and immune function. 

Member Since: 03/27/2019

MicroBiome Bar

MicroBiome Bar™

The MicroBiome Bar™ is a prebiotic fiber and gut health bar. It’s a healthy source of 4 prebiotic fibers, Omega-3 fatty acids, Beta-glucans and fermented protein from grains that’s designed to help support your microbiome. Now you can get the benefits of Functional Fiber in a tasty and nutritious bar.

All our 40g and 80g MicroBiome Bars include our multi-prebiotic ProBiotein®. Each bar has the prebiotic fibers AXOS, FOS, MOS and XOS that come from organic wheat, organic oats, organic flax and organic barley malt. We ferment these grains to add important amino acids and digestive enzymes that also help make our bars a healthy alternative snack or meal replacement.



ProBiotein is made from organic wheat, organic oats, organic flax, organic barley malt, organic flax meal and nutritional yeast. This dry powder blend has 4 fermented prebiotic fibers: AXOS, FOS, MOS and XOS to feed the good bacteria in your gut.

We ferment these grains to remove the starches, concentrate the proteins and provide important amino acids which come from the plant proteins. Then we dry and grind this mix, to give you an easy way to add 4 prebiotic fibers to your meals and beverages.

Just one Tablespoon a day is all you need. ProBiotein also has 4 digestive enzymes, omega-3 from flax, beta-glucans from oats and antioxidants. Taking ProBiotein every day is an easy way to provide the key prebiotic fibers that are often missing from the Western diet.