Eatmore Home Baked Goods, LLC

Carla and Cliff Diemert have a  ND State licensed kitchen in our home. We sell baked goods and canned goods at farmer's market in Valley City, as well as craft and trade shows throughout the state.We specialize in date filled cookies, and buttermilk donuts  all rolled by hand. Our pickles and dilly beans are crisp and clean, We also can sauerkraut, and beet pickles and other assorted goodies.

Category:   Food & Beverages
Carla Diemert

2972 110th Ave SE
Sanborn, ND 58480-9756

Phone Number: (701) 840-3224



We have been selling at farmer's market since 2001, We put in a ND State licensed kitchen in 2012, and have been selling at trade and craft shows since 2012.

Member Since: 12/10/2018

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