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KD Limited sandcarves designs into most types of glass, mirror, crystal, tableware, etc. for any application. They can use your logo or custom design items for awards, weddings, memorials, gifts, fundraisers, reunions, etc., from champagne glasses to larger pieces for homes and business including mirrors, dividers, cabinets, pantry and entrance doors.

Category:   Artisans & Gifts
Kim Bader

4501 Riverbend Ln
Bismarck, ND 58504-4251

Phone Number: (701) 258-5845



Kim has been sandcarving designs into glass, mirror, etc. since the early 1990's. She learned her craft working at C & H Glass in those years, then established her own studio in her home overlooking the Missouri River bottoms. Kim works with all the area glass shops for their sandblasting needs, as well as cabinet shops, millwork companies, churches, etc. Her masterpieces include the front entrance at the Rosebud Visitor Center in Valley City, ND, the "Holy Doors of Mercy" at Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Bismarck, ND, among many others in business, and private residences in ND, MT, WI, and beyond.

Member Since: 09/01/2001

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