Daarthe's Bread Pudding LLC

Daarthe's Bread Pudding, LLC makes bread pudding and caramel sauce. It is currently available in two sizes and is sold at numerous locations around North Dakota. You can find it at The Homesteaders Restaurant in Minot ND, The Cenex Stores in Berthold, Burlington, Carpio, Towner, and Wilton, and Cash Wise stores in Fargo and Stanley.

Category:   Food & Beverages
Debra Deaver

33101 54th AVE SW
Berthold, ND 58718-9155

Phone Number: (701) 453-3252

Cell Phone Number: (701) 240-4634



Daarthe's Bread Pudding started selling bread pudding and caramel sauce at the Norsk Hostfest in 2010. It has won four awards, including The Chester award, which is the most prestigious award that can be won at the Norsk Hostfest. It is now available in several locations: Homesteaders Restaurant in Minot: the Cenex stores in Berthold, Carpio and Burlington Towner and Wilton, and Cash Wise in Fargo and Stanley.

Member Since: 11/19/2015