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Hi! Welcome to my store!  Here I sell all types of freeze dried candy.  

What is freeze dried candy you ask?


Freeze dried candy is exactly like the name implies - candy that's been freeze dried. The process involves freezing the candy and then removing all of the water and moisture from the candy, leaving only pure sugar crystals behind.

How does it taste?

Tasting freeze dried candy is like eating that candy out of the package but the taste is super enhanced and because there is no liquid left in the candy it crunches.  The crunch isn't a hard crunch it's an airy type of crunch, the candy just melts in your mouth! 

My store offers you all types of freeze dried candy in different sizes!  I can also accommodate your special order.  Weddings, birthday parties, graduations or just watching a movie.

Carla Pribula

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Carla Pribula

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I started up Carla's Freeze Dried Candy because I had a freeze dried Skittle one day, they were so delicious that I started buying them, my whole family seemed to love them and they were going fast at home and it started to get expensive (I had to buy them online), so I decided that I should check it out myself. I sat down and watched videos, read articles, and looked to see if it was something that may be wanted here, next thing you know I am freeze drying everything that I can find, with candy being the main interest and through some trial and error and many online groups I figured it out and now I am here to sell to you, my customers!


All my candy is made in my home!

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Personalized T shirts, Coffee Mugs, tumblers, coasters, puzzles, freeze dried candy

Personalized T shirts, Coffee Mugs, tumblers, coasters, puzzles, freeze dried candy

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