Cottonwood Cider House

Cottonwood Cider House, founded by husband and wife, Dan Heising and Stacy Nelson-Heising is ND's first cidery, located near Ayr, ND.  Cottonwood Cider House's hard cider is made from apples grown by Cottonwood Farm, also located by Ayr, ND. Cottonwood Farm is a mixed fruit orchard planted by the Nelson family to continue the farming legacy.  Stacy Nelson-Heising is the fourth-generation Nelson to be farming her family's land.  In addition to Cottonwood Farm's produce, the cidery uses locally sourced apples, berries, and hops to create their craft hard cider. Cottonwood Cider House's ciders range from dry to semi-sweet and showcase the terroir unique to ND.

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Stacy Nelson-Heising

14481 25th St SE
Ayr, ND 58007-9710

Phone Number: (701) 866-9913

Cell Phone Number: (701) 866-9913



-founded in 2015

-built cidery in 2017

-cidery opens to the public and begins selling their cider in 8/2017

-apple ocrhard planted by Nelson-family beginning in 2012, with addtional plantings in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Member Since: 01/27/2020

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon  Semi-sweet with a hint of cinnamon and tart apples in both aroma and taste. Apple Cinnamon, a small batch seasonal cider, nicely melds the flavor of spicy cinnamon with our ND apple blend.

Apple Cinnamon is perfect for festive gatherings with friends and family, or just when you want to feel warm and cozy and sit by the fire.  ABV 6.9%

Ayr Mule

Ayr Mule  Spicy ginger, a splash of lime and a little something extra, our ND cider blend to give the fizz and sparkle. 

Ayr Mule is our spin on the classic cocktail, the Moscow Mule.  "Not too sweet with a touch of zing."  ABV 6.9% SEMI DRY  

Cider Greg

Cider Greg  Semi-dry cider created from a revolving mix of apple varieties.  This cider is lightly sweeter with a fresh green apple flavor that will not fail those who like a dry cider yet will please those who want a hint of sweetness.

Cider Greg is a hairy mammal with a gigantic tongue, often spotted gallivanting in Cottonwood Farm’s orchard.  He devours sizeable amounts apples.  If you see him, approach with caution.  Cider Greg is notorious for pouncing without warning and will demand that you hand over your apples. “Yes we named this cider after Greg the Orchard Dog.”  ABV 6.9%

College Try

College Try   Wild fermented, unfiltered, with no added yeasts or sulfites.  This cider is dryer with an ever-changing personality that’s always unpredictable in taste and aroma. 

College Try is a small batch cider created from Cottonwood Farm (Ayr, ND) and other local “found” apples.  After the pressing, the juice has to dig deep and perform the difficult task of fermenting on its natural yeasts.  All we do is pat the tank and say a cheer of encouragement.   The end result is a unique untamed cider tasting experience.  So go ahead and give it your best shot.

“Give this cider “The Ol’ College Try.”  Varying ABV % depending on year.

Hedgerow Hopped

Hedgerow Hopped  To protect our prairie apple orchard from the North Dakota wind, we came up with the idea to plant a hedgerow of hops around the orchard.  Our hops, along with other locally sourced hops, are then dry hopped in a multi-apple cider blend, resulting in an excellent balance of apple and citrusy hop flavor.  

Hedgerow Hopped is a dry cider with a pleasant hop aroma and tart apple taste.  This cider is a favorite of both beer and cider drinkers.  ABV 6.9%

Peach Me

Peach Me  We are big fans and longtime patrons of our local peach delivery truck.  Inspired by these peachy balls of juicy goodness, we couldn’t resist combining our two loves.  Peaches + our cider = Peach Me!

Peach Me is a semi-dry cider created from our ND apple blend and a pinch of tangy peaches.  This cider has an unmistakable peach aroma.  Peach Me is a cider for people who adore peaches.  ABV 6.9%

Pear of the North

Pear of the North Spot on pear flavor and aroma with highlights of vanilla and nutmeg.  This cider is semi-sweet with a juicy pear finish.  We’ve made this cider by selecting the perfect ND apples to intensify the classic pear taste.

Pear of the North, crafted with a note of quirkiness, adventure and a few well laid plans.”  ABV 6.9% SEMI SWEET

Pepper Berry

Pepper Berry  “You asked.  We listened.”  Pepper Berry is our answer to all of those requests to make a heat infused cider.  This cider has an upfront tang and aroma from raspberries layered with the earthy grape-like flavor of elderberries.  Cayenne Peppers are added to give a sneaky heat sensation you’ll feel in the back of your throat. 

Pepper Berry is semi-dry and is made by using our ND apple cider apple blend.  ABV 6.9%

Post Apple

Post Apple  Dry and crisp with a refreshing clean finish.  This cider is all about the apples.  Crafted from a ever changing mix of culinary and cider apple varieties, Post Apple has no added sweetness.  If you are into dry ciders, this one is for you.  When we aren’t working in the cidery or out in the orchard, this cider is the one that we enjoy most when we kick back and put our feet up. 

For us, Post Apple tastes like accomplishment in a bottle!  ABV 6.9%

Strawberry Rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb  This cider is semi-sweet, tart and tangy, with a strawberry aroma and just the right amount of rhubarb bite.  Made from locally harvested rhubarb, strawberries and our ND blend of apples, Strawberry Rhubarb will make you think you are eating your favorite summertime pie.

ABV 6.9%  “Ice cream not included.”

The Action

The Action  One of our most requested ciders, The Action is a semi-sweet cider that doesn’t disappoint those looking for a little extra sugar.  This cider is never too sweet and has a tangy green apple bite.  

We named this cider after Chuck Nelson, one of our most valued team members and driving force behind Cottonwood Cider House and Cottonwood Farm.  His favorite saying, “There’s nothing to it but to do it” always helped us stay the course and move forward.   Chuck was given the nickname Action in high school because of his ability to make things happen and get the job done. 

“Here’s to The Action!”  ABV 6.9%

The Birdie

The Birdie  The Birdie is a semi-sweet cider that delivers a big sour cherry punch, an allusion of spice, and a fresh apple flavor.  We make this cider with our blend of ND apples and the reddest juiciest tart cherries.  The Birdie has the best aroma and an eye catching red hue.  A real treat for your senses!

To harvest the cherries used to make this cider, we climb up into the netted trees and snip off the cherries with scissors, one cluster at a time.  To protect the cherries from birds, the trees are netted, all except for a few.  We’ve been told, “The birds have to eat too!”  Thank goodness the well-fed orchard birds leave some cherries for us. 

To give a nod to the birds, we’ve named this cider after our feathered friends and our very own Birdie.  ABV 6.9%  

The CBB (Chamomile Blueberry)

The CBB  Whole chamomile flowers soaked in semi dry blueberry infused cider made from ND grown apples. This cider has a pretty purple hue and a slight tang finish.

Adding these little chamomile daisies to the cider helps to take chilling to the next level.  So, sit back.  Kick your feet up.  Take a relaxing deep breath and enjoy The CCB.  ABV 6.9%

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