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CML Creations offers a book, plays and poems by North Dakota author Cecile Long.

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Cecile Long

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History: CML Creations got started in October 2015 with the sale of Cecile's first published book.
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"I Drew Him from the Water"
This 299-page softcover book is filled with adventure, mystery and intrigue. There is a glossary in the back for study purposes. This story shows the war between Moses and Pharaoh, taking place during the ten plagues. It is a combination of the ancient times and the modern, having a satellite TV News Team. Visit the land of Egypt and its people: Pharaoh, the Ruler of the land of Egypt; Moses, the man God chose to lead His people out of Egypt; Aaron, Moses' blood brother and partner; Marissa, successful news anchor; Abdullah, Marissa's slave/co-anchor; and Jair, Marissa's spy. Marissa never dreamed of how her life and the lives of all those in Egypt would change the day this man called Moses came to town. How did Egypt's beloved Pharaoh became a victim of this Moses and his unknown God? Only time will tell. Available in eBook format. Check out her Facebook page: CMLCreations.