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We are a local mom and pop tea blending that started in Bismarck, ND!

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Terisina Hintz

311 S 3rd St
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Howdy ho everyone, we are Jerry and Terisina Hintz and are proud to bring you Steep Me a Cup of Tea.  We have built this business model from the ground up beginning in late 2006.  Between that day of divine intervention and the opening of our first store in September 2008, we attended several classes from Las Vegas to Ohio to Indiana.  We did learn a lot of course, but we also learned a direction we felt this beautiful country was heading towards was not being taught.  


     We felt America was due for a shift in wellness, from modern medicine to the kind our great great grandparents lived.  Functional nutrition and functional fitness are the beliefs that drive Steep Me a Cup of Tea.  We have been building a business that has been patiently and painstakingly tested as something that was never offered in a class.  We see this as the thinking of people today by the fact that we have been open, and growing both in customer trust and product offerings, for 12 years in North Dakota.  Not a typical state one would think a business of such nature should even survive, let alone grow.  We have defaulted back to our humble farm backgrounds, using the earth to feed our bodies.

Jerry and I have been in the business of tea blending 2 years prior to opening our store in Bismarck in 2008. We always thought that tea would be such a great alternative to other beverages available. After being open for several years...we decided in 2010 we needed to move the business into more health and wellness instead of just great tasting teas. So, we began developing the entire line of self-help teas you see today. We have approx. 75 teas hyper focused on specific ailments. We have really been selling a lot of Wellness, Kick Ur Kold and Virus teas because of the awareness of the Covid 19 issues. On top of physical issues with the changes we face we do a lot for mental health dealing with Anxiety, Stress, Depression and sleeping. We research and test all our own blends as well as build all of them in our Fargo warehouse. Many of our teas go through a year or so of testing and getting a success rate of 60% per blend by testing with over 100 people. This allowed us to get a good blend and start getting the teas into people's hands. Having an alternative option for people is important...For most, our teas are their health...no more prescriptions...thus saving their bodies.

We also offer our highly functional teas in capsule form now. It is amazing how well the body breaks down the herbs. In addition to using hot water to make a tea...the capsules allow you to ingest the actual herbs without throwing them away. It is amazing how well we can manage things like Inflammation and Neuropathy with a capsule as a delivery method in addition to a tea. In the capsule making process, there are many ingredients that we source that are in powder form and a capsule is necessary to achieve the nourishment we need especially in the scope ranging from Fertility Health, PCOS, Hot Flashes to COPD. 

As an additional transportation method, our customers have requested is the potential of using Hops in our builds.  Upon studying the health benefits, nourishments, and healing qualities of Hops, we decided to create an entire beverage line from the studies.  The beverage line is called BeBold Beer – NA. The beer will be alcohol free and gluten free.  Ancient grains will be used such as Flax for their oils but will remain Gluten Free.  We will create “FuFu” and Fun beers but also working beers for Anxiety, Insomnia, Muscle Recovery, and other options will develop as God and our customers help us progress.  The beer will be available in cans at 11oz and drafted in store on Carbonation eliminating the need for preservatives.

     As everyday people we still enjoy “living”.  When we want to have a beer, we do so, we want to have scotch, then ok, say a cheeseburger sounds delish, well we add bacon, cuz why not???  We are not the typical people who would stereotypically be in this business.  We hunt, fish, ride Harleys, live for the outdoors, believe in conservation, and pray.  Welcome to Steep Me, we build on passion and are passionate about improving lives, every person who walks in our door is treated as just that, a person.  You have value and we appreciate all!!!


Thanks for supporting Steep Me a Cup of Tea!!!

Jerry and Terisina Hintz - Founders

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