Badlands Hemp

We (my wife and I) are a CBD Hemp grower and processor.  We grow certified organic hemp.  We would like to get our products into local ND shops and stores.  We currently are not selling in any brick and mortar shops.

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Shane Weber

9819 32nd st sw
Taylor, ND 58656

Phone Number: (701) 974-6600

Cell Phone Number: (701) 260-1058



2020 was our first year growing CBD hemp and starting our business.  We grew 2 acres or about 2500 plants.  We planted, harvested, and processed everything by hand.  This business started as a result of job loss due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Member Since: 02/17/2021

Multi-Purpose CBD Hemp Oil

Organic hemp seed oil infused with decarboxylated organic hemp flower.  Organic sunflower lecithin added.