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At Yellow Jacket, we cold brew coffee to perfection, then we keg it and distribute it.  The process starts with carefully selecting responsibly sourced arabica coffee beans.  Then they are roasted in small batches and ground up before they are mixed with cold filtered water from the mighty Missouri River.  Then, just after the magic happens, we keg it and purge the oxygen so the coffee remains fresh.

We have tweaked the process to produce an ultra smooth, irresistiblely aromatic, full bodied coffee.  Let us change the way you think about black coffee.

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Matt Klingenstein

6200 Misty Waters Dr
Bismarck, ND 58503

Phone Number: (701) 400-1173



Creating a product that is ready to consume is one hellava process.  From the permits to building a commercial grade kitchen.  Thats all after you have discovered a product that as life altering as this is.  The Cold Brew Coffee dream began in 2018.  When the rest of the world is trying to get people to do less.  Im fighting everyday to get more production out of the ones we still have!

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