We Three B's

The three B's - Ryan, Maria and Tyler. 

Tyler is a huge "help" in every endeavor Mom and Dad attempt. He is a great photo subject and a huge character. He has helped mom learn lots of new things about her camera's action settings. 

Ryan does wood and metal work, and helps Maria put the ideas in her head into existence. He is the real brains in the operation, as well as the brawn.

Maria is the photographer and the plan man. All the ideas and the "we could do thats" come from her, though Ryan and Tyler keep her grounded, and focused on the project at hand.

We Three B's offer:
Reclaimed wood work
Metal craft and jewelry making
Crafts of ALL kinds!

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Maria Borkowski

2304 124th Q Ave NW
Watford City, ND 58854

Phone Number: (970) 260-4489


History: We Three B's is the inception of our independence as a family. Eventually the goal is to be able to set our own schedules, and spend more time together as a family working for ourselves and our own goals and dreams and less time working to line someone else's pockets from our efforts.

We work together as a family to plan and create our one of a kind pieces. We are always willing to take on commissions, give us your ideas and we will try our best to make it a reality!

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