We Three B's

A quick introduction: 

Ryan- Father, Husband and handyman extraordinaire! Ryan does wood working and metal art, helps keep Maria grounded and moving forward

Maria- Mother, Wife, friend, Artist and Photographer.
Freelance photographer and author
Board member of Long X Arts Foundation/ Inaugural Member
Founding Member of Watford City Shutterbugs Camera Club
Professional Photographers of America Member
Equine Photographers Network Member

Tyler- Chief Mess and Troublemaker. The toddler who runs the whole show, and he knows it too!


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Maria Borkowski

2304 124th Q Ave NW
Watford City, ND 58854-6501

Phone Number: (970) 260-4489



We Three B's is the inception of our independence as a family. Eventually the goal is to be able to set our own schedules, and spend more time together as a family working for ourselves and our own goals and dreams and less time working to line someone else's pockets from our efforts.

We work together as a family to plan and create our one of a kind pieces. We are always willing to take on commissions, give us your ideas and we will try our best to make it a reality!

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