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Based in Sherwood, Volk Furs started out as a small fur buying business. In 2018 we started to manufacture fur products and accessories. Volk Furs manufactures and sells fur hats, headbands, mittens, blankets, pillows, and other miscellaneous fur products. We also provide custom fur sewing services for customers wanting to use their own fur.

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Garrett Volk

227 4th Ave West
Sherwood, ND 58782

Phone Number: (701) 833-7373

Cell Phone Number: (701) 833-7373



As a lifelong outdoorsman growing up North Dakota hunting whitetail deer and pheasants, I quickly was drawn to the trapping of wild fur.  After several years of trapping and understanding the fur industry I started a small fur buying business.  Volk Furs was established in 2015.  We buy raw wild fur and handle some of the finest Western Heavy Coyote in North America.  We also buy other wild fur including Raccoon, Red Fox, Muskrat, Mink and Beaver.  In the Spring of 2018 we added the manufacturing of fur hats, mittens and other fur accessories to our business. Since 2018 we have also added custom fur sewing and more products such as blankets, pillows, and headbands.  We are based in North Dakota but also serve the surrounding states.

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