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Hello! My business features carved signs & lasered signs and home decor! I also upcycle furniture which I still do here and there!

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Tiffany Bodvig

3668 39th Ave SE
Tappen, ND 58487

Phone Number: (701) 471-9115



My business started as a hobby of upcycling furniture and home decor! Now in the last couple of years I have been slowing making th switch to carved and lasered signs and home decor!

We are starting to spread our wings, adding a website and offering classes once an month in my home town! 

Member Since: 01/03/2021

Baby milestone markers

hi we make special gifts for that sweet little baby in your life! we make different types of baby markers and stat tags and we can make custom signs for you and that sweet little one!! heres a few examples of these items! 


we also do different types of earrings! i bet we got the perfect set of earring for that amazing person in your life, if we dont i bet we could customize one just for you! here is a few examples of the items we make!


This is where it all started. We started this business repurposing furniture and has expanded since then! we have always been in love with old furniture! we started redoing furniture because i hated to see old peices go to the garbage or the dump. so i started buying up old furniture that need just a little bit of LOVE to make it beauitful and usable again! i dont really have a style of painting! I love to use fun and out of the box ideas and fun and funky colors! My Team that help me do this business is my husband my dad and my 2 brothers without them i couldn't rebuild and put all these items  back to life! they say it take a village im pretty lucky i have a GREAT VIllage!

We also do custom orders on furniture, We might have a item you what us to do for you or we can also do one or your items! 

Heres a few examples of our work!


We also do laser cut and engraved signs! we love doing these. They are a lot of fun! We enjoy coming up with new ideas and saying for these signs. Our favorite part is when people come to our booth and get to read all the funny sayings. The best part is the laugh! we love to hear you laugh when you read the sign.We also can do custom sign for you! Here is a few examples of our signs we create!