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We raise Holstein cattle, feed up on oats and corn. Antibiotic and hormone free. Our processing is done at Hazen Meats, consumers can buy whole, halves, or quarters by live weight. Our cuts of meat can be bought by the pound right out of the freezer!  All our retail meat is vacuumed sealed with one steak to a package, roasts are around 3 lbs, and hamburger is in 1 lb. packages. Can be sold to grocery stores and restaurants! It is family owned and new to the business in 2016!

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Kayla Leno

100 2nd SW
Pettibone, ND 58475-0092

Phone Number: (701) 269-2071


T & L Meats started as a hobby and grew to a business from the amazing response from the family and friends that loved the meat. Our process in raising the beef for butcher is what we are most passionate about. There are no corners that we cut to spare expenses. The well marbled steaks and wonderful taste of the meat proves just that! All our beef are fed a combination of grass/grain.

Member Since: 11/21/2016

Hamburger is sold in 1 lb. packages

Rump Roast Arms Roast Chuck Roast Serloin Roast Tri-tip Roast

Rib steaks T-Bone steaks Porterhouse steaks Sirloin steaks Chuck steaks

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