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I sew 🧵 pet bow ties and Bandanas out of high quality quilt fabric bought from my local North Dakota quilt stores. I have been selling my items at local vendor shows.  My website is www.thehowls.net and I am on Facebook as thehowlspet where I share my work and my pets antics.  I also will do custom orders for families wedding and family pictures. 

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Carissa Iverson

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I started my company as I love to sew, craft and dress up my pets.  I know many people love their pets as much as my family and I thought it would be fun to create special well made items for pets and sell at vendor shows.  I had two special poodles (one passed away last November) that I would send pictures and messages to my family about The Howls (The Howels from Gilligan’s Island was my inspiration). Foxy was Lovey and Lyly was Thurstan, they would dress up in their fancy clothes and with the new rescue lab whose name is Shadow; who loved mud and was always goofy and reminded me of Gilligan.  My poodles didn’t like getting dirty as Shadow did, they moved away when he shook from going in the river, which they never would go to enjoy lol. They would ride in the ranger instead of running around outside, their little feet were always clean lol.  The Howls really were not the nicest to Shadow either...lucky for us Shadow was an easy going pup.  The Howls also didn’t like too much play going on in the house. Lol This is where my name The Howls came from, and the idea of creating high quality pet boutique items developed from there.

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