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Scott Seiler is a fine art landscape photographer and life-long resident of North Dakota who grew up on a ranch near Raleigh. This is where farming and experiencing the outdoors created many wonderful memories. His perspective is shaped by his love of rural architecture and cropland. Seiler features panoramas and close-ups of Midwestern Landscapes. Whether its cropland, rustic buildings or the wonders of nature, the final perspective is designed to make the viewer ponder and remember.

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Scott Seiler

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Photographer Scott Seiler is currently a partner member and vice president at Gallery 4, a 12-member artist cooperative in Fargo, ND; an Arts Partnership ‘Artist in Residence’ recipient at TMI Hospitality and Myriad Mobile, and served as an Fargo Moorhead Visual Artist (FMVA) Board Member. Seiler has been a photographer for nearly 20 years, and in the past 8 years been publicly displaying at art trade shows, galleries and at area businesses. He lives in Fargo and works as a senior marketing specialist. www.ScottSeiler.net.

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Don't Fence Me In
As cows graze on the North Dakota Prairies, they stop to take notice of their surroundings and who is visiting their pasture. The barbed wire fence, a fixture for ranching and farming in the rural areas.

The Buffalo Walk
The Buffalo at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, North Dakota features the strong and majestic animals.