Prairie Road Organic Seed

Prairie Road Organic Seed is a wholesaler and retailer of certified organic vegetable seeds that are bred, selected and adapted to perform well under North Dakota growing conditions.

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Theresa Podoll

9824 79th St SE
Fullerton, ND 58441-9725

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ALL of our seed is grown on our farm near Fullerton, ND, which has been certified organic since 1977. We began producing certified organic vegetable seed for organic seed companies in 1997. A number of our varieties were actually bred on our farm; the rest are heirlooms. All of our seed is open-pollinated and most the varieties have been on our farm for 10 to 40 years. We conduct ongoing selection work to further adapt the varieties to northern growing conditions and to improve their appearance, taste and performance. Many of our varieties gained quite a following and we decided we should be packaging our own seed and marketing them to growers and gardeners in our region. We now market our seed under our own label, Prairie Road Organic Seed.

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