Outlaw Creations

Outlaw Creations is located in Stanley, ND and personally owned specializing in Fizzy Bubbler bath bombs, dream catchers, wood work, canvas and bottle art, and other decor.

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Nichole Hoffert

502 1st SW
Stanley, ND 58784

Phone Number: (701) 629-1248

Cell Phone Number: (701) 629-1248


Hi all! Thank you for interest in Outlaw Creations!!! I've worked in the oil field for 8+ years, then when slow times hit, I began to dabble in crafts. I started by painting wine bottles and some canvas painting. I wanted to try to sell at the local farmer's market, but needed a ND tax ID number in order to do so. I applied and Outlaw Creations was born, so I decided to try to make a business out of my crafts. I then noticed the trend in bath bombs so I decided to make some. My family and friends loved them, so I dove in and I now have a huge variety of many scents and shapes for sale. I couldn't just call them Bath Bombs so decided to call them Fizzy Bubblers and hope to make them a household name! I also expanded my horizons of the other crafts I make and look forward to selling at vendor shows and local retailers. 

Member Since: 04/01/2017

Fizzy Bubbler Bath Bombs
I make fun, colorful bath bombs in a large variety of scents that leave your skin silky smooth and smelling great! There's everything from kid bath bombs with treasures to manly scents like: Chuck Norris, Toby Keith, and Clint Eastwood. Some fruity/food scents: You're a Peach!! Strawberry Shake, Vitamin C, Chocolate Star Mint, Cotton Candy, Coconut Cupcake, Orange Sherbet, Rainbow Sherbet. Popular scents: Rosie Cheeks, Wine Down, Lovely, She Wolf, Malibu, Mellow, Chill Pill. Perfume/floral scents: Lovely, Adore Me, Ooh La La, Love Potion, Orchid, and Lotus, Sweet Pea, and Cherry Bomb. I'm always open to suggestions and expand variety periodically! Check out my Outlaw Creations Facebook page :)